Save Yourself from Nightmares


Have you ever awoken in the middle of the night from a bad dream, a dream about your job? Then suddenly it dawns on you that you forgot to schedule a court reporter for the trial you’ve been preparing for, for weeks? The trial is TODAY, this MORNING! The words “You’re fired” echo through your head as you feel your body start to sweat. Your heart and mind are racing as you think to yourself that this isn’t a dream.

You remember meeting a representative in an elevator the other day. They told you they had the best coverage in the state and they were known for their ability to cover last-minute emergencies. They gave you their card. What did you do with it? You jump out of bed, taking a look at the nightstand to see the numbers 5:28 glaring back at you. You stumble to your purse and find the business card. You dial the toll free number, which is quickly answered by a recording. As you sit listening, you can’t hear anything but the words, “You’re fired!” Wait. What was that? It’s the number to call for an emergency. This is definitely an emergency.

You find a pen and jot down the number. It is now 5:30 and you’re dialing the emergency number, praying to God that someone helpful answers. The phone rings and is answered within two rings, and the person is actually cheerful. They tell you not to panic and assure you they will start working on this immediately.

You start to breathe again. Deep breaths. You stumble to the coffee pot, thinking that you don’t really need caffeine to wake you up today. You opt for a shower instead.

As you’re reaching for your towel, you hear your phone ringing.  No one ever calls you this early unless it is an emergency!  Your heart starts to race again as you sprint towards your phone, dripping wet.


“Hi. This is Dustin from Orange Legal. I was able to find a court reporter to cover your trial at 9:00.  I wanted to get this morning covered for you quickly before gathering more information from you…”

Disbelief.  Gratitude.  Shock.  Awe.

Has this ever happened to you?  What was the outcome?  Were you able to save the day or did your career stall?

Covering emergencies is our specialty.  This is what we do.  All day, every day.

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