Court Reporting
Court Reporting

Court Reporting

Our nationwide network of experienced, vetted court reporters can handle any proceeding -- anytime, anywhere, with the highest quality.

Court Reporting

Our nationwide network of experienced, vetted court reporters can handle any proceeding -- anytime, anywhere, even at the last minute.
Orange Legal’s worldwide network of highly skilled and vetted court reporters can capture any type of proceeding, anytime, anywhere, and at a moment’s notice. Orange Legal’s court reporter business partners include reporters with expertise in medical malpractice, construction defect, intellectual property, among many other specialties.

Through years of experience, Orange Legal’s accomplished court reporters are known for their accurate and timely transcripts. You have litigation to worry about. Leave the details to us.

Realtime Reporting

In an age of instant gratification, realtime reporting provides clients with instant access to their transcript during any proceeding. Orange Legal’s experienced and certified realtime reporters connect to any compatible computer or device to provide instant word-to-text transcripts. This “rough draft” is selected by trial professionals who need immediate case review capabilities, including during an active trial.
Our team of experienced and knowledgeable reporters possess certifications ranging from:
Court reporter

Digital Court Reporting

Orange Legal’s Digital Court Reporters are trained through a proprietary 12-week program that allows them to obtain American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT) certification. In addition to this program, they are immersed in an apprenticeship program with experienced reporters to ensure quality and accuracy for a verbatim work product.

At a client’s properly noticed request, Orange Legal can also provide working video during any proceeding. Our clients utilize this service to better demonstrate a witness’ testimony through video in addition to the transcript. The working video product can help prepare for trial by showing the witness’ manner, demeanor, and credibility, while being a great tool to assist with coaching a witness for future testimony.
Digital Court Reporter
Project Steno
We are proud to sponsor and support Project Steno. Their primary goal is to support court reporters by helping the right students get to the right schools and begin their career!
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Orange Legal Court Reporting
We are known for our service excellence, which can be attributed to recruiting the best reporters. As independent contractors, you have the freedom to create your own schedule and turn down assignments, giving you the flexibility you need.

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