Simplifying Complex Cases

Complex cases immediately set off an alarm in your head — a trigger that makes you seize up. “Complex.” “Specialty.” Whenever a client brings one of these cases to your conference table, you start thinking of the billable hours involved, the specialists you will need to hire, the exhibits required, the experts needed.

Relax. We’ve got you covered.

Complex cases, of course, have that name for a reason. They demand diligence and expertise. They require detail, a series of knowledgeable hands working together, guiding each piece of the puzzle from start to finish.

Orange Legal has set the standard for how these cases are managed. We handle cases of all sizes, dedicating a case manager to each case who will simplify even the most complex of legal issues. It can be a medical malpractice case, a construction defect case with a spiral fracture, or just a simple records pick-up. Anything you need, we have handled.

Here is just a fraction of the services we offer:

  • eDiscovery
  • Master exhibit index
  • Orange Online, a user-friendly repository for transcripts, exhibits, calendar and invoices
  • Hosting website for document production, which is accessible to all parties
  • Dedicated conference call lines for each case
  • Expansive network of state and nationwide locations
  • State-of-the-art video conferencing abilities at all locations

Additionally, the Orange Legal office in downtown Jacksonville was specifically designed with complex cases in mind. Located across the street from the Duval County Courthouse, Orange Legal’s Jacksonville location possesses a large executive boardroom that can be sectioned off into three separate conference rooms ideal for use as breakout rooms or for mediation.

This is why you need a legal services company on your side — you need a team, people you can trust, who can help you at all hours of the day or night with any problem you might have. We have seen literally any problem that might arise, and we have dealt with them all. You can entrust your problems with us.

Have a complex case that you would like to schedule? Our job is to make your job easier. Let us handle your litigation support needs from start to finish.