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CS2: Corporate Strategies, Customized Solutions
As your legal world expands, the global management solutions you need are within reach with our CS2 solution.

You can rely on CS2 to help you successfully manage your legal matters, manage costs and improve outside counsel collaboration.

The CS2 solution optimizes operations through its processes and technologies that can be implemented across in-house staff and outside counsel globally.
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Orange Legal has set the industry standards on how complex litigation cases are managed, offering a host of services for your large cases. You can trust that your case will be managed with diligence when working with Orange Legal.

Orange Legal provides full litigation support, including but not limited to process service, court reporting, interpreting/translating, trial technology, complex case management, videoconferencing, and legal staffing. Choose Orange Legal to handle your complex cases, and receive complete support and incredible customer service.
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With the growing use of computer graphics imagery (CGI), multimedia is becoming more of a valuable asset in the courtroom every day. With that, technology has surpassed using whiteboards and laser pointers during a trial. Legal Video and Trial Technology allows for clients to display their case with a visually appealing approach. Multimedia usage and presentation software presents exhibits in a comprehensible format.
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