CS2: Corporate Strategies, Customized Solutions

CS2: Corporate Strategies and Solutions

Corporate Solutions
for every situation

As your legal world expands, the global management solutions you need are within reach with our CS2 solution.

You can rely on the Orange Legal CS2 team to help you successfully manage your legal matters, manage costs and improve outside counsel collaboration.

We make it easy for you to manage your cases, manage outside counsel, and optimize your operations to drive results.
Corporate Legal Strategies

Benefits of CS2

  • Proven Global Coverage

    Orange Legal has delivered litigation support for over 30 years and in nearly 90 countries.

  • Automated Billing solutions

    Customizable electronic submission based on client preference and/or billing software.

  • cost management

    Cost certainty through a customized fixed three-year agreement provides visibility into your legal costs and forecasting reliability.

  • On-Boarding & Business Review

    We provide a dedicated team to work in close liaison with your team to facilitate implementation. On-going business reviews ensure business continuity and value creation.

  • outside counsel collaboration

    Our technology provides calendaring, document management, billing review, vendor management and reporting that together enhance collaboration among your entire legal team, streamlining communications and sharing of key information.

Legal Corporate Solutions CS2: Corporate Strategies, Customized Solutions

Technology Solutions

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Through our internally developed platform, we can visually analyze your business data, create reports and dashboards, and most importantly, provide you with the tools to make informed business decisions.  

  • Data Security

    We know that data security is important to our clients, which is why we go above and beyond to protect your case information.

    Orange Legal stores all data on encrypted servers and creates storage redundancies to prevent loss due to catastrophic events.

  • Orange Online

    Our Orange Online realtime portal allows your team to easily access, view and order transcripts, schedule services, access deposition calendar and manage invoices to simplify your case management.

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