Ten Ways to Stand Out in the Workplace

Being passed over for a promotion or still waiting for that raise that never seems to come?  Competition in the workplace can be heavy but there are ways to stand out and be noticed by your boss.  Below are ten tips to set you apart from your teammates to achieve your career goals:

Communicate in person, not electronically. 

Whenever possible, talk to your boss or co-workers in person and not through electronic media, unless it is important to document something or for efficiency.  It also gives you a chance to get to know people and let them get to know you. 

Network outside your department. 

Get to know co-workers, especially influential people, outside your team.  There may come a time when you want to transfer to a different department or could use the network you’ve developed to achieve other professional goals you may have. 

Anticipate your boss’s work needs

Instead of going to your boss with a work-related problem and wait for advice on how to solve it, go to your boss with the problem and a potential solution or two.  Making your boss’s job easier, and making your boss look good, will garner kudos.

Dress for success

Dress for the position you ultimately want, not the one you currently have.  If jeans are allowed every day, wear business casual on Monday through Thursday, saving your “dress-down day” for Friday. When it comes time for a promotion, the subliminal effect can put you at the “top of mind” as the logical candidate. 

Be early and leave late. 

Make a habit of getting in before the rest of your team and being the last to leave each day.  There is no substitute for hard work and dedication.  Everyone will notice, and you will develop a reputation for being a dedicated employee.

Quality work, not busy work. 

Every task you do should be done with your very best work.  When given a task, make sure to ask when the person needs it, and get it done before the deadline, or if you can’t, then communicate that to the person as soon as possible and with the reason for the delay.  

Be known for some special skill. 

Look for opportunities in your company where you can use your unique skills and become an expert. Or, take initiative and create a project that will advance the goals of your boss and the company. Your skills, initiative and work product will be remembered when it comes time for a promotion.


Be the first to speak in a meeting – people tend to remember comments from that person.  When projects come up and there is a chance to raise your hand, do it.  This is a chance to not only help co-workers and be appreciated, but to showcase your skills.

Avoid negativity

Never bad-mouth other people, especially your boss and co-workers.  And never blame someone else, even if something is their fault.  Employees with a high emotional I.Q. are seen as good leaders and likely candidates for leadership roles.

Be known as a team player.  

When you come in to the office in the morning, go around and greet everyone with a smile.  Bosses like to see someone who brings cohesion to the team.

If you stand out from the rest, it’s a great way to advance your career.  Sometimes we need to break out of our rut and make it happen. Remember, a rolling stone gathers no moss!

Some of this also has to do with the company culture and values. Here at Orange, one of our main values is cultivating relationships. Being a positive team player goes a long way.

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