Top 7 Places To Live Post-Retirement

When it comes to deciding where to live for retirement, most would immediately search for the cheapest living situation. Others, however, may consider a cheaper way of life while also searching for activities and excitement in a new city. Here is a list of the top 7 states based on the merits of fun and finances


Alabama is widely known for its beautiful beaches and charming people. Decatur, one of the top cities for retirees, is home to lots of activities like kayaking on the Tennessee River or going on nature trails nearby. The cost of living in Alabama is nearly 15% lower than the average cost in the rest of the United States.


Interested in some history? Tennessee has lots! Along with a myriad of Indian tribes and reservations, Tennessee has low cost of living and a friendly population to match.


A change in scenery what one might find in Michigan. Lake living is often adorned by those who want a relaxing post-professional life and Michigan has plenty of it! Not only that but real estate here is well-priced and very abundant. Cost of living in most Michigan cities ranges from about 18-21% below the U.S average.


Home to the Razorbacks, Arkansas is just below 14% lower than the national average for cost of living. The market flows within this state due to the university as well as many retailers around the state raising the economic status, one of which is Walmart.


Georgia is a flourishing state and offers a diverse lifestyle. From the large city of Atlanta to the small towns of Blue Ridge, one can find any type of living with a plethora of activities to follow. Georgia would be a great place for those who are looking to save money while also having the desire for downtime.


Specifically Scottsdale, Arizona is a great place to soak up some sun and live your best life post-retirement. There are many trails one can explore as well as magnificent scenery. Financially, Arizona is well-known for having consistently cheap real estate.


If you like food, music, and western-stylle fun, Texas is a great place for you! Aside from the lively atmosphere, Texas is home to many of America’s cheapest cities for living. For example, McAllen is about 23% lower in cost of living when compared to the U.S average. This makes it a great location if cost efficiency is the main priority.