Travel Less, Save More with Orange Connect

Aren’t you interested in saving money?

“Jenkins!” You flinch, knowing your boss is right outside the door. You have been trying to avoid him since Tuesday, but you can’t avoid him any longer. He’s right there.

“Yes, sir?”

Your boss barely leans into your office, still managing to fill the entire room with his presence. “Heads up, Jenkins. You’re going to our satellite office in Tuscaloosa for a meeting on the Porter case.”

Your heart stops. “W-when?”

Your boss looks confused. “Right now!”

You think of your disappointed son, whose baseball game is this evening. He will be batting for the first time this season. He’s wanted you to come to a game all year, and now you will have to miss it because you have to travel to Tuscaloosa. Your mind now thinks of the airport. The plane. The luggage. The cramped quarters. The hotel. Groaning, you begin to dial home and prepare for the histrionics from your wife.


Aren’t you interested in avoiding that? More importantly, isn’t your boss interested in saving money?

Instead of arriving in person in Tuscaloosa, you could instead have invested in state-of-the-art video conferencing technology that would be just as good. Orange Legal’s software offers:

  • Full video interaction;
  • Pristine text and audio capabilities;
  • Full, multiple or split party screens;
  • Document sharing capabilities; and
  • The ability to record the conference for future reference.

Our cloud-based software, Orange Connect, can connect up to eight parties simultaneously on any flash-compatible browsers on MACs or Windows desktops, laptops, tablets, or even smartphones (Android or iPhone 3G and higher).

Video conferencing is better than an ordinary conference call because you can see facial expressions, read that person’s mood, and know what they are thinking. By doing so, you can achieve far more than you would if you were attempting to read their mind over the phone!

Let us provide the best video call experience for you. We even have technical support available for the duration of each call to ensure that each video session is as dependable as it can possibly be. Save money and live better with Orange Legal’s video conferencing system — and stop traveling so much!