Orange Legal Trial Technology Article Featured in Attorney At Law Magazine

Orange Legal’s Video Coordinator, Julian Perez, wrote an article that was recently published in Attorney At Law Magazine. In the article, Julian speaks about one of Orange Legal’s new services, Trial Technology, and how it was recently used by a client to discredit an opposing counsel’s witness.

The article dives deep into the scene of the trial and describes every detail of how trial technology was used to effectively remove credibility from the witness, a tactic used by experienced attorneys to lead to the impeachment of a witness. After displaying some contradictory statements the opposing counsel’s witness claimed to be true and sharing an arsenal of videos supporting these contradictory statements that were given under oath, the witness’s claims were dismissed by the judge.

Julian reveals the details of trial technology and how this service can make your trial presentation all that you have expected and so much more. To learn more about using trial technology for your next trial, take a look at our Trial Technology page and see all that this service has to offer.