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Orange Legal Brings Trial Technology to Mock Trial

Trial TechnologyOn March 2, 2018, Orange Legal took to the stage and helped sponsor the MSP Forum “Superstars in Trial: Miami vs. Broward & Palm Beach,” a mock trial at the Miracle Theatre in Coral Gables, Florida. With over 1,100 tickets sold for the event, a capacity crowd filled the theater to watch as attorneys from the Broward and Palm Beach regions acted in a simulated trial. The case centered on personal injury liability, where the passenger of an Uber driver was injured when her driver crashed into another vehicle, resulting in her filing a lawsuit against Uber.

Orange Legal provided A/V support, setting up several screens on stage, in conjunction with a giant overhead projection, to showcase how multiple monitors can aid document presentation in the courtroom. Orange Legal technology manager, Benjamin Jaffe, worked with 12 different attorneys in presenting their exhibits and documents throughout the case, demonstrating the advantages of having a skilled trial technician present in court.

When it comes to presentation during trial, the quality of the presentation plays a huge role on the jury’s verdict. Trial technicians are the pinnacle of trial presentation support. Using trial-management software, all case documents are archived, organized, and Bates-stamped. During the trial all you need to do is reference the Bates number of the case document you want, and it will immediately be displayed on televisions or projectors for easy follow-along by the jury.

This seamless display showcased the benefits of technology in the courtroom. In an ever-evolving digital era, keeping the attention of a jury is now just as important as presenting the best form of the argument. With Orange Legal trial technicians, we help you provide both.

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