Why Should I Use a Service of Process Business?

It’s been a long time coming — you are finally suing your estranged wife for the thousands upon thousands of dollars she’d drained from your joint accounts, as well as the personal items she’d stolen in the middle of the day while you were at work — you know, while you were paying for the lifestyle to which she had grown so accustomed. She left you for the doorman of your condominium building. The doorman.

You have a clear idea of where she is, along with the doorman you are going to punch in the face several times if you ever see again. She has a silly habit of posting photos online of her and the new beau, drinking margaritas and tagging herself in beachy locations. It’s like she’s daring you to find her.

Now you just need to serve her with divorce papers.

The question: Is it better to use the local sheriff’s department or a service of process company?

What is the Difference?

Benefits and drawbacks to both, you muse. You sit down at the old laptop, since she took the fast-speed desktop computer with her when she left. The apartment is basically bare. You learn that process servers have to be non-parties to the case and older than 18. At first you want a cop — someone terrifying, someone who will make her cry. Like Mickey Rourke.

Then you keep reading about the benefits of a process server over a sheriff’s department. The speed, for one. Who knows how long it’ll take a cop to serve the papers? They’re overworked and understaffed. Plus, their primary responsibilities are focused on handling crime, not serving papers. Meanwhile, process servers do only that.

Sheriff’s offices would also have to worry about all the laws, criminal and civil, while process servers only have to focus on the laws that are relevant to their job. That would include the time of day that papers can be served, whether they can be served on other individuals in a home, and more. Additionally, a sheriff’s office can only be used for state and local cases. If a federal case is at hand, a professional server may still be able to be used.

You keep reading. What if your soon-to-be-ex-wife isn’t around when they try to serve papers? What then? Do they keep trying? If it’s a sheriff’s department, you can’t imagine that they would. They have other stuff to do, criminals to wrangle, people to arrest. A professional service company, on the other hand, would repeat attempted service until they got the defendant.

I guess that’s because of the customer service angle, you think, picking from a jar of olives. It was the only thing left in the fridge besides the water filter, which your wife had been so kind to leave behind. If a sheriff doesn’t find her, he’ll probably still have a job. A professional process server needs to get good reviews, so they’ll keep trying to find that person.

Can I Afford to Hire a Private Business for Service of Process?

You’re surprised to find that the cost of a professional process server is actually lower than that of a sheriff’s department when you call the local precinct. That seals the deal for you. You decide to call Orange Legal, as it’s local to the resort where your wife is staying, and you ask them to serve papers on your estranged wife.

Do you need process service? Contact Orange Legal today.