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Does Video Conferencing Save on Time and Expenses?

Video Conference

Traveling across the country — and sometimes across the world — for conferences with other attorneys can be exhausting.

First, there are the logistics. Offices have to coordinate with one another to make sure that attorneys are available, and getting calendar time is always precarious. Last-minute crises always arise, as client emergencies seem to happen on a regular basis. What does that mean for the lawyer who’s come in from Oslo on a red-eye flight? Do you just leave him in a conference room by himself with some Sudoku and a lot of coffee?

“Please feel free to read some magazines,” your secretary says, desperately hoping her boss’s meeting doesn’t take too long. “Mr. Needermeier will be with you shortly.”

Secondly, there are costs. Flying attorneys all around the world adds up. How many are you sending? How often are you sending them? Where are they being housed, and for how long? How are they being fed and watered? These considerations are serious ones, and they mean a big bottom line.

Third, traveling takes time away from the office — and money spent instead of earned. Even one attorney earmarked for a trip means fewer resources for the home base, and that means less money overall.

So what cuts out the middleman?

The Orange Legal Video Conferencing Solution

We at Orange Legal have examined these traveling detriments and decided to do away with them by introducing our video conferencing technology. We knew people were tired of flying from office to office for depositions and meetings, and spending money when they could be devoting that time to other important matters.

That’s why we invested in state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the video conferencing experience is as good as being there in person. The software offers:

  • Full video interaction
  • Full, split or multiple party screens
  • Crystal-clear text and audio streaming
  • Document-sharing capabilities
  • The ability to record the conference for future reference

Our cloud-based software, Orange Connect, can connect up to eight parties simultaneously and provides technical support throughout the duration of the conference. That way, nobody gets left behind.