Video Conferencing Saves Your Firm Time and Money

After the United Airlines debacle where that poor man literally got dragged off a flight, it seems logical that nobody would want to travel for work. Why subject yourself to such potential mistreatment? Why stuff yourself into ever-shrinking plane seats, eat terrible airline food, arrive at your destination rumpled and tired, sleep in an unfamiliar bed, eat a bland continental breakfast, and go to meetings in a city you don’t know?

And then you get to do it all again on your way home before you stumble through your front door, exhausted, and finally get to gratefully collapse into your own bed.

That’s no way to live.

It was recently discovered that the head of Health and Human Services, Tom Price, was billing taxpayers upward of $300,000 for his private jet, going to and from meetings all over the country. While that is exorbitant and obviously not what lawyers are normally spending, it does cost a pretty penny to shuffle attorneys around the country and the world for in-person meetings.

Why not just video conference instead? It’s way cheaper, it’s reliable, and it is just like attending a meeting in person. Meanwhile, you don’t lose the billable hours that you would spend traveling to and from the destination where they hold the meeting. Comparing the two options, it seems almost silly to waste all that time on a plane… on a bus… in a car… in a taxi… being away from your office.

What Orange Legal Has To Offer

Orange Legal’s video conferencing system is the perfect solution to that problem. With our software, Orange Connect, you will have:

  • Full, split, or multi-party screens;
  • Full video interaction;
  • Crystal-clear text and audio streaming;
  • Document-sharing capabilities; and
  • The ability to record the conference for later reference.

Our software can connect up to eight parties at the same time on any flash-compatible browser, as long as it’s on a MAC or Windows desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone (Android or iPhone 3G or higher). That means you can be sitting in a coffee shop in Tampa, video conferencing with someone in Italy, rather than flying on an international flight to Italy.

And if you need technical support? We offer it for the duration of each call, so you never have to worry. You will be able to see every facial expression, every cue, and know that you are seeing the most enhanced version available.

So don’t get stuck in the security line at the airport, and definitely don’t be the next person to get dragged off a plane. Contact Orange Legal today.