15 Ways Videoconference Can Simplify Your Mediation

Legal matters demand confidentiality, security, and privacy. The good news is these are part of our core values at Orange Legal. You may know that litigation comes with a load of sensitive issues, and the last thing you need is pressure; thus, you’d like to work from a comfortable and convenient spot and preferred time.

Are we right so far? Our mandate is to provide you with top-notch facilities and services. What could be better than a face-to-face, securely connected videoconference for all your litigation needs? Each videoconference comes fully serviced with as many breakout rooms as needed and even the ability to share videos and pictures with other attendees.

Videoconference is technology delivering enhanced legal services. It is one of the latest developments in legal technology geared to provide convenience combined with confidentiality. As it is, you already have enough on your plate, so we go out of our way to make every step of the process easier for you.

Next, you get to see the other party or parties. Further, videoconference does two things at once. It provides you with a neutral meeting ground, and you don’t need to spend on transportation. And what’s more, Orange Legal can handle up to 500 clients at any given moment. Isn’t that amazing? Nothing is too big or small for us.

This is as good as it gets because it is almost like the traditional litigation process but without the drag of travel, getting to the location on time, the stress of finding the right location, not to mention the cost of all these actions are completely avoided leading to a cost-effective litigation experience.

To further explain, we have outlined 15 benefits of using Orange Legal’s videoconference services.

15 Benefits of using Videoconference Services

  • Similar products, such as Skype, have unsecure connections. These unsecure connections have given Skype a poor name in the legal field, leaving some meetings held via Skype to be barred from the court of law.
  • Orange Legal offers breakout rooms for all parties involved to keep private conversations private, and puts you in control.
  • Video and image sharing capabilities to show opposing counsel you have done your research and are prepared to take them to trial.
  • Videoconference removes the impact of the physical pressures presented by the opposing counsel.
  • Orange Legal’s videoconference services allows you to choose a convenient time to deliver your message or response.
  • You’ve got real-time access to legal resources. It helps enhance your merits on the corporation to resolve the issue at hand.
  • Mediators can record every step of the negotiation without the interruption of emotional confrontation.
  • It has a futuristic element where you can return and revert to an issue without the usual paperwork.
  • The multi-threaded discussion facilitates recording of discussions and agreements for a permanent archive.
  • The videoconference facility enables you to observe the opposing counsel and other parties right off your desktop — yes, in realtime.
  • Electronic monitoring provides quick response in following up on agreed obligations.
  • You can develop your position before responding using the unique breakout rooms provided in this platform.
  • There are no geographical limitations; Orange Legal offers global connections with this unique feature.
  • On-spot clarification without the encumbrance of back and forth written communication.
  • Confidentiality — we use a secure link such that all discussions are private. The link encrypts communications at all points.

That said, videoconference for mediation is a revolutionary development in the litigation industry. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also saves you on time and paperwork.

So with Orange Legal, you get cutting-edge experience and technology using videoconference for mediation. Don’t just take our word for it, use us for a personalized experience that is sure to change the way you view the daily grind.