The Impact of Orange Legal’s Volunteers

Here at Orange Legal, we swear by 12 values that fall under three categories: Accountability, Passion and Unity!  And one of those values, specifically falling under the category of Unity, is serving our community.  We are HUGE believers that volunteering and serving our community will enhance our lives both professionally and personally.  Through research and personal accounts, it’s been proven that volunteering does do both of those things.  Let’s discuss…

Volunteering can benefit a person’s life in so many ways. It allows for you to not only help contribute to your community, but it can also give a sense of pride in knowing that you have now helped make someone else’s life situation a little better. There are so many things to learn while volunteering that one can put towards their personal life, such as team work, cooperation and patience. The willingness to help others is such a wonderful quality to have. That willingness can be applied at home or within the work environment. Not only will your family, friends and co-workers appreciate those qualities, but the strangers that have no idea who you may be or what your background is appreciate it just as much or more.

Volunteering can have a profound effect on your career advancements. It not only assists those well-established in their careers, but it is also helpful for recent college graduates to gain the necessary experience in their field of choice. Volunteer work is extremely versatile. Most organizations have openings in various departments with lucrative positions within Public Relations, Human Resources, and Marketing. Volunteers will develop a copious amounts of skills, such as improving communication, efficient multi-tasking, and critical thinking strategies. Most importantly, volunteering is an excellent way of interacting with a mosaic of professionals. Through networking, these new relationships may blossom into mentorships, paving the path to new opportunities.

Overall, volunteering can help enlighten a new outlook, fostering professional and personal growth.  At Orange Legal it’s seen as one of the most important aspects in professional development. By aiding organizations in need, volunteers are exposed to new environments, challenges and a sense of community responsibility. Apart from a chance to hone skills already acquired, certain aspects of volunteering will allow employees to break out of their “comfort zones” through serving their communities while enriching the lives of others and, in turn, enriching their own.