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Legal Video and “Picture in Picture” — Worth a Thousand Words?

Court reporters are absolutely necessary and do a fantastic job. Sometimes, however, you need the raw emotion that only the real words, said the first time around, can bring to the table. Simply reading back a witness’s words from a paper transcript doesn’t quite pack the same punch as hearing it straight from the person’s mouth.

Here’s an example from the Steven Avery case, made famous by Netflix’s documentary Making a Murderer:

Uh, Steven Avery’s blood, uh, is found, like I told you, in six different places in the vehicle. Positive matches, uh, for Steven Avery on the, uh, rear passenger door, near the ignition area, uh, where Steven Avery’s actively bleeding finger actually leaves some DNA, uh, in the ignition area. Also, in the front, that is the front passenger part of the SUV, that is on the, uh, CD case and, uh, on both of the front seats.

Wouldn’t you rather hear that for yourself? This was the prosecutor’s opening statement. His opening statement. Having it read back to the court by a reporter, complete with “ums” and “uhs,” would dampen the effect.

But more importantly, let’s talk about depositions. Video depositions and testimony preserve that emotion. They let you see the witness’s face, expressions, movements, and posture. These are all extremely important when judging the veracity of testimony.

Picture in Picture (PIP)

Orange Legal also offers “PIP” technology, or Picture in Picture, which allows for far more than your standard “bobble head in the box” video deposition. This lets you show both the witness and your exhibits on the screen at the same time. Unlike other companies, we never cut the witness’s video, so his or her statement stays intact and the integrity of the testimony cannot be questioned.

Day-in-the-Life Videos

How can you truly tell another person what your life is like after an accident? You can’t. All you can do is show them, and the easiest way to do that is with a video. Allow someone else to step into your shoes and live your life for a brief time, experiencing your pain, heartache, and daily difficulties. These documentary-style videos are the best way of showing others the challenges you face. These are great for opening statements in trials, settlements, and mediations because they pack an emotional punch and follow the great rule of storytelling: They show without telling.

Other Video Services Offered

The video services offered by Orange Legal allow the jury to judge for themselves whether a witness’s story holds water. For example:

  • Inspections: Video footage can capture evidence behind slip-and-falls, laboratory testing, home inspections, vehicle damage, or any other type of inspection needed.
  • Video synchronization: Sync your transcript simultaneously with the video, much like subtitles or captioning. Highlight key phrases in the testimony and make video clips that can be emailed or imported into your trial software.
  • Video editing: Whether you need redactions, video enhancements, still images pulled from video, or designations, just ask and you shall receive.
  • Other services:
    • Medical exams
    • Video enhancements
    • Time-lapse multi-camera seminars and lectures
    • Construction documentation
    • Video wills, prenuptials, and adoption signing
    • 3D animation and renderings
    • Reenactments

Video services allow for an intimate, raw portrait of a person that transcript testimony just doesn’t offer. If you’re interested in video testimony, contact Orange Legal today to get started!